A random rant…

May I have a quick, despairing moan?

I’d like to moan about nutritional labelling on packages. Take, for example, what I found on an 80g ‘grab bag’ of Doritos: 150kcal for a 30g serving.

Thank you, Dorito People, for the unwanted maths. Fine. So 150kcals will get me 37.5% of the pack. That’s wonderfully useful information – I was just about to grab the scales and measure out 37.5% of the bag for a serving.

Who does that? I can understand it with cooking ingredients, but… Doritos? I don’t carry around a pair of scales on the fly, and since most of the bag is air, it’s quite hard to judge 30g without upending the bag onto a nearby surface, putting the correct allotment aside, and popping the rest back. This approach is unlikely to win you friends on trains, I must say.

Likewise, if I have the temerity to eat this party food at a party, then it’s unlikely that I’ll be weighing them out there, either.

Manufacturers of hastily scoffed “sharing” food, please tell me what’s in HALF THE BAG.

In fact, tell me what’s in the whole 80g bag—not the 100g or 30g value, I just don’t care—and I’ll take the portion size risks for myself. Do not make me whip out the calculator for a portion which I am never going to choose. Please.

If I’m on a keto diet, I’m not going to eat them at all. If I’m going high carb, I’m going to scoff the lot. Even if I’m sharing them, I am not handing over 62.5% of the bag, thanks very much; I’ll be going for a rigorous “you shake, I choose” approach, which pretty much guarantees at least 50%.

Rant over.


Feel free to help me find my blood pressure pills, lol.

One thought on “A random rant…

  1. I love how they do suggestions like that (in the U.S. it’s usually “x” number of chips = calories per serving). No one really pays attention to that, since they’re gonna eat the entire bag in one sitting.


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