Seeking brilliance, not brain-ache


blocked nose

My sinuses are blazing like they’re mustering the energy to launch a rocket into space, my eyes are watering, and I ache EVERYWHERE. I look like a vampire who’s been caught out by the clocks going forward.

But it’s okay, I can cope. I might feel like physical s**t, but I’m still feeling reasonably cheerful because…

It’s not a hangover!

Still sober, and currently on day 16, I’m delighted to report.

But yeah, my brain hurts like the vodka vixen grabbed me by the heels last night and swung me around her head a few times in a room full of small but painful ornaments. I’ve made some lovely vertical-spoon soup, which has helped, and in a minute I’m going for a walk to blow some cobwebs off, and then it’s back to work.

The slight dilemma I have at the moment is that my brain has chosen the worst time to get all energetic with plot and scene ideas for two projects at the same time. After I’m done with my day job, I do like to figure out what’s next for my novel-writing schemes. My priority is, and should be, the continuation of “A Brotherhood of Bouncers” (ABB).  However, my muse is clearly still on the sauce (even if I’m not) and she’s pelting me with ideas for silly scenes for the sequel to ABB! Maddening stuff!

Advice please, people! How do you lot cope when someone’s opened the door of the plot bunny hutch and let all the little buggers rampage around the place? As an editor, I’ve got nearly 15 years’ experience. As a writer under my own name? Not a great deal!


4 thoughts on “Seeking brilliance, not brain-ache

  1. Yey! Go you sans Vodka, even if it did keep all the germs away. 😀
    Did you realise plot bunnies breed when released? What you have to do is give them separate cages called ‘files’ on your computer. Doesn’t matter if the editor head isn’t involved, just scribbles and typos keeps them quiet for now. Then when you need something you dig one out, brush all the dust off its fur, and there you go, sorted.


  2. Right! Looks like I’m going to have to set up a caging system 😀 😀 I think I might just create a folder on the cloud, put a shortcut on the desk top, and write directly into notepad files, which I can save from either my iPad or laptop, depending on where I’m working. I’m so paranoid about these little scenes running away from me before I’ve had a chance to get them down!

    Tony helped me earlier to flesh out a DCI in a scene in the sequel to ABB. If only I could come up with a title, I’d feel like I’m focusing a little more 😉

    Thanks very, very much for the sober encouragement 🙂 I’m determined not to let the Vodka Vixen get hold of me again. I will oil myself if necessary and become, quite literally, a slippery customer.

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