A shocker

It was late in the day of an already-trying week. I was in the playground for the afternoon pick-up, where several little ones storm the roost before their older siblings emerge from their classrooms.

I saw rather than heard a few of these teeny beings (some toddlers, others nursery age) getting into a tangle in the corner. I observed two of the mums turning exactly the moment that their own children cried out. I admired this parental precision. Once the errant toddlers had been hailed and hauled into place, I casually admitted “I could never do that. I have no idea what my son’s up to unless he confesses or someone complains.”

“Should you be a parent, then?”

I was… dumb-struck.

Sure, I’d make a terrible penguin, but in many respects, I’m still a good parent. I play footie with him. I do his homework with him. I find furtive and cunning ways of smuggling fruit and vegetables into his diet. I read with him. I create with him. I listen to him, worry with him, and strategise with him about the worries he has.

Yeah, I can’t hear him. I’d make a terrible penguin. The ability to pick out one call of distress above all others is a great and sacred thing. I agree with that on some level.

But I’m not raising a sodding penguin, am I?

comments and hugs welcome. hugs exceptionally welcome.



6 thoughts on “A shocker

  1. The person who said that to you was seriously lacking in empathy. If their own child was deaf or lost their hearing, would they advise their own child to never become a parent? I doubt it.
    You are doing a brilliant job Sam. Big big hugs.


    1. I really appreciate it. With a few day’s calm (and a good deal of steam vented with the boxing gloves), I’ve found a more healthy, detached perspective from the incident. Thankfully it wasn’t someone I considered a friend, or anyone I see often at pick-up time. I think it must have been an aunt or perhaps non-custodial parent. Either way, I’m not letting them dent my confidence 🙂

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  2. Sounds like the person who told you that is a bit of a shrunken head. There is no one right way to discipline a child (having two has given a good insight), so who’s to say what you’re doing is wrong. It sounds like you’re doing just fine with your son.


    1. Shrunken head! Yes indeed. I agree entirely. All gong and no dinner, if you ask me. I’ve wriggled myself upright again after that strikingly breath-taking conversation. Onwards and upwards! And I have cause to post a much cheerier post tomorrow 🙂


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